ECoP venous society member registration

Our society is willing to become a member of the ECoP with the benefits for our members and the
society as listed below:

  • An annual educational meeting with scientific, industrial and expert how I do it and tips and tricks sessions in Amsterdam, for which members of member societies will be offered a 20 % reduced registration fee;
  • An annual ECoP e-Learning Course, for which members of member societies will be offered a 20 % reduced registration fee;
  • Support education and training in each country in concordance with the UEMS regulations if asked for, such as support for finding locations for hands-on training etc;
  • Future plans are:
    • Planning of European guidelines in close collaboration with member societies
    • Discuss how to improve the collaboration with all European societies like the EVF, patient organizations and the UEMS structures MJC and EBoPh.

Our society is asked to select candidates for the Advisory and Executive board as stated below:

  • Delegate two members of your society as members of the ECoP Advisory Board which is established in May 2022;
  • Members of the Advisory Board may also become candidates for the ECoP Executive Board in the future;
  • We provide for the 2 Advisory Board members of your society a free registration to the annual ECoP Course

Please fill in: name and email address for the 2 selected members of your society for the Advisory Board of the ECoP.

Please send a picture and the affiliation of the 2 selected advisory board members to be put on the ECoP website.

Please fill in the name and email address for the invoice.

After completing this form, your society will receive an invoice by e-mail.

Here comes phlebology together, ECoP Amsterdam / Oegstgeest 2023!

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