ECoP registration for industries

If your company is intending to become a member of the ECoP you will get the next benefits from the ECoP starting in 2022:

  • An annual ECoP international educational meeting with a lot of workshops in Amsterdam, for which industrial members will be offered a 10 % reduced partnership fee.
  • An annual ECoP e-Learning Course, in which all products from industrial members will be exclusively mentioned as alternatives for the diagnosis and/or treatment for venous diseases.
  • Exposure on the ECoP website, with the option to create direct links to your industrial websites.
  • Scientific support to introduce new products in different European countries for MDR registrations.
  • Future plans are:
    • Planning of Annual European Venous guidelines to create fast and good scientific proof and speed up the implementation of innovations in venous disease.
    • Discuss how to improve the collaboration between industries, scientific societies, medical insurance companies and official organs like MedTech, UEMS etc.
  • We ask an annual fee of €1000,00 in return for your  membership, which especially supports the annual ECoP e-Learning Course and we ask you to select a member of your company to join the industrial advisory board of the ECoP.

If you decide to join the ECoP now and for 2022, please fill in the next registration form, after which your company will receive an invoice for 2022, earliest in January 2022.

Industrial ECoP member registration form:

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