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During EVC March 2017 the European College of Phlebology started 10 European Guideline Committees. The aim is to write European Guidelines in Phlebology which are to be published in the Phlebology in February 2018 and updated every year.

Topics, chairmen and secretaries are:

Truncal Vein Ablation: Lars Rasmussen (Denmark) and Kürşat Bozkurt (Turkey)
Perforating Vein Ablation: Wijnand van Gent and Irwin Toonder (both from the Netherlands)
Neo Varices: Alun Davies and Sarah Onida (both form United Kingdom)
Ulcer treatment: Michael Jünger (Germany) and Mieke Flour (Belgium)
Compression: Arina ten Cate (the Netherlands) and Giovanni Mosti (Italy)
Sclerotherapy: Eberhard Rabe (Germany) and Claudio Rosco (Italy)
PCS treatment: Marald Wikkeling (the Netherlands) and Olivier Hartung (France)
Vascular Malformations: Eberhard Rabe (Germany) and Yeelai Lam (the Netherlands)
DVT treatment: Per Morton Sandstet (Norway) and Jorinde van Laanen (the Netherlands)
PTS treatment: Houman Jalaie (Germany) and Niels Baekgaard (Denmark)

ECoP found 150 experts in the field from Phlebological Societies all over Europe prepared to participate in these guideline committees. You can download an overview of the participating experts and phlebological societies here.

Here comes phlebology together, ECoP Amsterdam 2021!

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