Preliminary program ECoP Course May 13 – 15, 2022

Friday May 13



General assembly with all ECoP member societies

Elections/future etc. etc.


Registration from 12h00

Grand Ballroom




Diagnostics in Phlebology




QoL in venous disease: Alun Davies




Transabdominal ultrasound tips and tricks: 

Irwin Toonder




Cross-sectional imaging MRV and CTV:  Carsten Arnoldussen




Venography and IVUS its role in 2021: Gerry O'Sullivan


Central, venous pressure measurements: a good guide? 

Cees Wittens






Treatment and logistics related to optimal leg ulcer care


Scientific session of the Dutch College of Phlebology 


Risk factors for a first leg ulcer:

Audrey Meulendijks


Community aspects of leg ulcer care: Una Apperley


16h00 - 16h20, Celine Eggen

'Ten-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial comparing

saphenofemoral ligation and stripping of the great saphenous vein with endovenous laser ablation (980 nm) using local tumescent anesthesia'

16h20 - 16h40, Yeelai Lam
'Mechanochemical ablation of great saphenous vein incompetence using Clarivein®: a multicenter randomized controlled Polidocanol dose finding study'


16h40-1700u, Michael Mooij 

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Treatment Modalities for Anterior Accessory Saphenous Vein Insufficiency 


17h00-17h20u, Tamana Alozai 

Randomized, single-blind, controlled trial comparing lasercrossectomy with traditional endovenous laser ablation of great saphenous vein incompetence 


Announcement winner 'DCoP award 2022'

The best road for leg ulcer care management: Manjit Gohel


Role of surgical intervention on leg ulcer healing and recurrence: 

Alun Davies






Medi Satellite symposium:  Future of phlebology in Europe




Training and education in Europe in phlebology: 

Eberhard Rabe


Evaluation of quality  of care and cost-effectiveness:  

Martin Ingvar


Influence of MedTech and MDR regulations in the development of new devices: 

Cees Wittens


Digital Health and Patient Activation - better outcomes - better health:

Usman Jaffer



Welcome Cocktail


Saturday May 14


Registration from 08h00

Grand ballroom


Opal 1



Deep and superficial vein thrombosis treatment


Scientific session of the International compression club (ICC)


Current short and long-term treatment options in deep venous thrombosis: Roger Rennenberg


Controversies in compression Therapy,

chairman Jean Patrick Benigni


How to treat an upper extrimity DVT:

Joep Teijink 


08h30 - 9h00 

ECS or inelastic compression in VLU treatment 

Mosti Giovanni: in favor of inelastic material 

Milic Dragan: in favor of ECS - online



The post-thrombotic syndrome can we prevent it?:

Cees Wittens


9h00 - 9h30 

ECS or inelastic compression in edema treatment 

Flour Mieke: in favor of ECSECS 

Stöberl Christiane: in favor of inelastic material - online


Post-VTE compression indications far more than just symptoms and edema control:

Sergio Gianesini 


9h30 - 10h00

Compression or no compression in diabetic patients

Piaggesi Alberto: in favor of compression - online

Hirsch Tobias: in favor of no compression 


Interventions for PE:

John Moriarty**





 10h 00 - 10h30 Break



Post thrombotic syndrome treatment


Scientific session of the ICC


Quality of care assessment in PTS: 

Fabio Catarinella


10h30 - 11h00

Compression or no compression in venous post-procedures 

Uhl Jean François: in favor of compression 

Benigni Jean-Patrick: in favor of no compression 


Endophlebectomy unnecessary: 

Suat Doganci


11h00 - 11h30

Education in compression or chose of easy device?

Da Matta Eduardo: in favor of education  

Wittens Cees: in favor of easy devices 


Long term results of iliac stenting for obstructive venous disease: 

Alun Davies


11h30 - 12h00

Is compression therapy contradicted for lower leg erysipelas/cellulitis? (or antibiotics like Penicillin only?) 

Eder Stephan: in favor of compression 

Salma Adham: in favor of no compression



The current available stents are fine: Michael Lichtenberg.

Next generation stent could improve the outcome:

Houman Jalaie





 12h00 - 13h00 Lunch





Pelvic venous disease


Scientific session of the ICC



Carsten Arnoldussen


13h00 - 13h30

Compression or no compression in sport activities 

Gianesini Sergio: in favor of compresison

Rabe Eberhard: in favor of no compression 


Interventions for PeVD

Mark Whiteley


13h30 - 14h00

Compression or no compression in arterial patients 

Schuuren Jan: in favor of compression 

Kees Peter de Roos: in favor of no compression


Scoring system for PeVD

Mark Meissner


 14h00 - 14h30 Break


Medical treatment for PeVD

Zaza Lazarashvili






Medronic satellite symposium


Scientific session of the ICC

8 parallel non- industrial Workshops


14h00 - 14h30 - online

Compression or no compression in PTS 

Caprini Joe: in favor of compression 

Neil Piller: in favor of no compression:

recommendations from lymphological societies


ICC free communications

15h00 – 16h30 ICC Free Communication
Chairs: Jean-Francois Benigni and Eduardo Da Matta
(8 minutes each, 2 minutes discussion)

Franz Josef Schingale: Compression in Monstrous Lymphedema
Reynald Convert: Evaluation of the effects of bandage types on interface pressure  and its variation while walking and at rest
Marzanna Zaleska: A high force 3 x 30 min compression method of foot and calf    removes most edema fluid and enables immediate usage high compression  garment
Jean-Paul Toonen: new device: „De Helpsoq“
Jean-Francois Uhl: Computer modeling, chronic venous disorders and medical    compression
Darren Burke: End User Study Assessing the Performance of a Pressure Sensing  Device For Compression Therapy
Andrew Cameron: Development of a wearable pressure sensing device for      compression 
therapy: Challenges and Opportunities








Scientific session of the ICC

8 parallel non- industrial Workshops


Social program 19h00-22h00

Faculty and Member boat trip


Sunday May 15 


Registration from 08h00



Thermal and nonthermal ablation for GSV and SSV incompetence


7 parallel non- industrial Workshops


Benefit / risk analysis of thermal treatment options for varicose veins: 

Thomas Urbanec


NTNT which is best and better; what’s the future: 

Kursat Bozkurt 


Foam sclerotherapy is effective and economical for effective treatment of superficial vein incompetence: 

Eberhard Rabe


Phlebectomy vs phlebectomy and EVA : what is the best: 

Paul Pittaluga






Guidelines and sclerotherapy


7 parallel non- industrial Workshops


European guidelines on sclerotherapy of varicose veins: Eberhard Rabe



Why physicians don’t follow the guidelines: 

Dunja Dreesens



Large diameter great saphenous vein insufficiency should be treated by thermal ablation: 

Lars Rasmussen

Large diameter great saphenous vein insufficiency can be easily treated by foam sclerotherapy: 

Bernhard Partsch






Compression therapy


Which type of compression fits the patient’s situation best:

Giovanni Mosti


A new compression device: the pneumasox:

Michael Kockaert


No surgery and no compression possible: what will we do?

Sarah Thomis


Every phlebologist needs compression, the dynamic field between interface pressure and movements:

Karin van de Wegen*



ECoP e-Learning Certificate Ceremony 



*Not confirmed yet
**Live zoom presentation


Here comes phlebology together, ECoP Amsterdam 2021!

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